Managed Security Solutions

With years of experience implementing secure solutions for businesses very large and small, our security specialists are best placed to advise on and implement technologies that can take your system security to the next level. Emerging and evolving threats definitely keep us on our toes however our continued investment in security research has allowed us to maintain an edge that many of our competitors don't have.

We deploy a variety of data life cycle security solutions from leading vendors including Cisco and Symantec as well as bespoke solutions that will integrate with your environment. Our main managed security solutions are based on 3 specific areas:

Data in transit

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection and FireSight

Cisco's AMP technology provides industry leading, advanced, edge to endpoint malware detection and analysis with cloud integration for behavioural indicators and threat score. The FireSight management console provides a mechanism to observe malware exploits in real-time and limit potential attack vectors.

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance

Cisco's ASA firewall provides industry leading threat management, packet filtering and intrusion detection as well as IPSec and SSL VPNs featuring next generation encryption standards The ASA also has clustering ability, and the ability to authorise VPN connections using in house radius, Ciscos Identity Services Engine and AD servers.

Cisco Identity Service Engine

Cisco's security policy management platform automates and enforces context-aware security access to network resources and can utilise RSA SecurID for 2 factor authentication.

Cisco Email and Web Security Appliances

Cisco's integration of Ironport has resulted in Email and Websecurity appliances that provide enterprise class protection and performance.

Data at rest

Symantec Endpoint Security Encryption Server

Both the Server and desktop variant of this product provide full drive encryption with the server variant allowing seamless deployment in large scale enterprise environments via group policy.

Symantec Desktop Email Encryption (powered by PGP Technology)

Some smaller business utilise this product to facilitate secure email communications between specific contacts. We can also achieve similar results to this product with S/MIME and other methods - contact us for details.

Bespoke Security Solutions

We also employ a variety of bespoke "in-house" security solutions for data life cycle management.

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Our managed solutions can replace and improve currently implemented solutions in your organisation for threat management and detection, forward and reverse proxies, firewalls and older identity management systems.

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