Managed CyberSecurity Solutions

With years of experience implementing secure solutions for businesses both large and small, our security specialists are best placed to advise on and implement technologies that can take your system security to the next level. Emerging and evolving threats definitely keep us on our toes, however our continued investment in security research has allowed us to maintain an edge that many of our competitors don't have.

We don't just regurgitate vendor rhetoric and "hope for the best" like others.

Our specialists, with permission from the associated vendor where applicable, periodically pentest all solutions that feature in our Cyber Security solution portfolio. This provides threat management and attack vector insight which allows us to independently and impartially ensure you get the best and most secure solution.

We deploy a variety of cyber security solutions that function at various stages of the data life cycle. We employ a multivendor and bespoke solutions strategy. We will always advise on the best solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our main managed Cyber Security solution portfolio is based on several specific areas:

Data in transit

Multi Vendor VPN

Our specialists have extended experience setting up secure tunnels in multi vendor environments to ensure data in transit meets compliance objectives.

Hosted/Colocated Server security

We can ensure that data is transmited from all your points of presence securely

VPN path aggregation and Priority

We can provide resilience, aggregation and packet priority using bespoke solutions and solutions from our SD WAN portfolio.

Data at rest

On Premise, Cloud storage and SaaS

We can help you to meet compliancy objectives for PII and Generic Data storage using a variety of solutions.

Employee BYOD Strategy

We can help you to ensure data on employee tablets, phones and laptops is stored securely and feature access control. We can help you to implement a demarcation point for your employees BYOD devices that ensures that corporate data and peronsal data cannot intermingle.

Bespoke Security Solutions

Custom designed system bahavioural analyis tools

We can create customised bespoke solutions that can generate alerts when a very specific pattern of activity is detected in your infrastructure no matter how geographically disparate your infrastructure is.

Byte Iron ERP

Byte Iron have created a bespoke ERP/CRM solution with a very specific security topology. The business logic side of our ERP/CRM lives local to your business with the data encryption happening client side on prem. Our ERP/CRM data storage and archiving can be achieved with a variety of cloud vendors or on our prviate cloud platform and no unencrypted data ever leaves your premises. (Our ERP/CRM solution will be available around Q4 2020)

Employee BYOD Strategy

We employ a variety of bespoke "in-house" security solutions for data life cycle management.

Customised Access control

We can create customised solutions that provide visibility of network devices, appliances and services that dont' have these feautures by default. We can create and provide customised dashboards that link to your existing APIs and solutions.

Zero Trust Networks

Network Access Control solutions

With a multivendor approach to NAC solutions we can help you to ease configuration and testing while ensuring that your objectives are met.

Network Path authorisation

Once authenticated and authorised for specific network access a network security policy is required to ensure that packets can only reach authorised Servers/Services/APIs and all other connection attempts are logged and blocked. We can help you to define a framework and optimal path for device access to allocated internal resources while ensuring everything else cannot be accessed.

Server/Service/API access authentication and authorisation

We can also help you to ensure your servers, services and APIs are configured to block unauthorised connection attempts.

Data Loss prevention

Data Loss Prevention Solutions

We employ a vendor agnostic approach to existing DLP solutions which means you get the best solution that matches your needs

Trend Analysis

Our managed DLP solutions utilise trend analysis to build a baseline picture of your network environment. This is then determine when unusual activity is detected on your network.

DLP in Existing products and services

Most software and SaaS solution do now have some level of DLP but in most cases it is disabled. We can identify, configure and manage this process for you.

AI and Machine Learning based Security Event Analysis

Trend Analyis and Anomaly detection goes AI in a major way!

There are now 3 major technology solutions that we trust that offer network insight and AI enhanced trend analysis on your network infrastructure. This excitng prospect means that it's harder for threats to hide in your network. We offer a service whereby we will help to configure the solution and respond and apply SIEM according to a predefined SLA agreed with you.

Onsite Supprot

Where serious anomalies are detected we will also send one of our infosec team members to site to further investigate, aid remediation processes and to facilitate incident documentation.

False positives

Due to our experience supporting the 3 major platforms we can help to identify false positives as well as help fine tuning the solution.

Single Signon

Federated authentication for all your applications

The SSO solutions we deploy allow you to enjoy a customisable user experience as well as access to well known user and directory stores.

Vendor agnostic indentity providers

The solution we manage and support allows you use well defined and identity providers as well as customised solutions uing the SAML language.


The SSO solutions we deploy and manage incorporate industry leading real time security reporting and geoloctation tracking.

Multi-Factor Authentication


The chosen MFA solutions we deploy allow your business to authenticate, employees, partners, contractors in a secure way.


The chosen managed service MFA solution keeps you doing business without interuptions. We are happy to manage all user creations, moves and changes as per a predifned SLA agreed with you.


Our chosen MFA solutions allow you create inteligent policies based on login context that can limit identity challenges to risky login attempts.

Privileged Access Management

Secure Auditable Systems Access

Our chosen PAM solution allows your business to allow access to specific areas of your system with pre-defined limitations on how and specifically what resources are accessed.

Time of Day access

You can designate specific times for access and enforce different security policies for different times of the day.


Resource Visibility

Limit resource visibility with strict account segregation and access control. This includes for example only allowing access to specific commands to superusers on the linux command line.

Vendor Agnostic

Our chosen PAM solution includes support linux command line, Generic SSH Sessions, windows, routers/switches/firewalls, proxies, loadbalancers and wireless lan controllers. (this list is not exhaustive). It can also be customised for specific device types.

Recording/Playback of PAM session

Our chosen PAM solution allows you to record and playback sessions at will.


Comply with specific regulation requirements with access control, monitoring, and audit capabilities (GDPR, NIS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.)

Behaviour Analytics and Insider Threat Assessment

Social Engineering

We can help you to raise awareness and improve staff engagement with security awareness material

Threat Assessment

We assist you with insider threat assessment and help to provide remedial ooutcomes in adverse scenarios.

Traing and metrics

We can provide a data rich report about your staffs attitudes to Cyber risk via our bespoke online surveys.

Breach and attack simulation

Red Team Ops

In order to create the most robust defensive security posture, an in depth understanding of Offensive security techniques is crucial. We can help you to identify potential attack vectors with an onsite survey and examination of your information security policies. We identify flaws in your defensive posture and demonstrate how a potential adversary could compromise your operations including lateral movement via compromised resources.

Blue Team Ops

We can simulate an attack scenario in an air gapped area of your infratructure and demonstrate identification of threat and real time defensive techniques that can be used to contain the threat and reduce potential damage.

Logging and Metrics

We can also implement IDS solutions that show you potential attacks in real time and how to implement remedial techniques.

Web Application Firewalls

WAF implementation

We implement a WAF best optimised for your framework and provide monitoring services with a predefined SLA

Rule optimisation

We identify false positives and help you to optimise the WAF rules for effective protection.

File Integrity Monitoring

Instant file anomaly detection

One of the first things a hacker or virus does after comprimsing a web facing server is to modify your websites files so that other visitors to the site can also become compromised. Having snapshot of the hash of each web facing file on the server is instrumental in detecting vulnerabilities.

Instant file anomaly alerts

Now you can get alerts on file integrity from all your web facing resources allowing you time to quickly disable the resource to effect remedial processes.

Bespoke solutions

We also create custom FIM solutions that can integrate with your existing SIEM solutions.

Disaster Recovery - Business continuity Solutions

Warm/Cold site setup

We can help you to identify key elements in your system topology for replication to your designated disaster recovery site(s). We can also help you to implement secure automatic replication of core services and data

Warm/Cold site Testing

We can also complete testing and signoff of each element in your DR site. We will also enable monitoring and remediation according a pre-defined SLA.

Drop-in servers and Mobile DR solutions

We have developed the Aurora 7 a mobile Security Operations Center and the TeenySERV DUO a drop-in server solution. Both solutions have been designed to provide aid in adverse circumstances and allow you to setup shop anywhere. Find out more about our mobile DR solutions at

Our managed Information Security solutions can replace, improve or complement existing security solutions in your organisation.

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