L2/L3 LAN/WAN Network Design and Implementation

The core network is a crucial element in any organisation doing business. An inability to communicate equates to business loss. When implementing a network you want to be certain that it will be reliable, redundant and achieve business objectives. We have standardised on networking hardware from Cisco and Hewlett Packard for this exact purpose.

Another crucial element in any network is the topology design which if not planned correctly can be a businesses undoing. Network design is so important that some clients have previously commissioned us to create proof of concept test networks and then utilise traffic generation tools just to prove that their mission critical application will function as they expect.

Even though we design our networks network solutions around Cisco and HP networking hardware, we also design solutions around your existing network and can integrate as necessary.

Our Network Solutions

Secure, Resilient Inter Office Connectivity

Secure inter-site VPN connections

We can implement secure inter-site connections that ensure data cannot be reconstructed by third parties. This includes Layer 2 and Layer 3 tunnelling.

Connectivity to all your sites

We can ensure that resources such as Wireless LAN controllers, Application Servers, and Network Appliances that reside at a head office can be accessed and utilised by all remote offices. An example of this is a wireless LAN controller situated at a head office that is managing wireless access points in remote offices and warehouses.

Connectivity Redundancy

To ensure that mission critical systems achieve mandated service levels we always implement the most appropriate established redundancy protocol. A WAN scenario that illustrates this would be using a redundant VPN strategy in combination with interior network redundancy protocols to ensure applications have multiple paths to traverse for fail-over in the event of an unexpected external connectivity loss.

Remote Worker Connectivity

Secure connectivity for a wide range of devices

We can ensure all endpoint devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart-watches) can connect to company server infrastructure securely.

Intelligent VPNs that automatically re-establish when connections are restored

We can ensure your mission critical app deployed to a smartphone or tablet automatically reconnects to the VPN after a brief network outage such as the device temporarily loosing 3G/4G signal.

Provide support to your remote workers with AlwaysOn VPN Connections

VPN solutions we implement also allow your support staff to Assist remote users without having to resort to 3rd party solutions like teamviewer, logmein, or gotomypc.

Audit and monitor Remote connections from client devices

We can help you to securely audit VPN connections to your infrastructure.

Multimedia/VOIP/Video Conferencing Optimisation

Prioritising crucial Network Traffic

Via the use of Modular Policy Framework and access lists we can identify network traffic related to specific applications and expedite this traffic accordingly.

Preventing Network traffic Bottlenecks

We can assess your network and create traffic shaping policies or introduce protocols that prevent and resolve bottlenecks that can sometimes be caused by multimedia applications.

Broadcast IPTV on your network without flooding network

We optimise your network to help ensure multicast applications don't result in network speed degradation.

Data throughput improvement and resilience

Speeding up networks

Sometimes networks weren't designed correctly from the get go. We can re-jig the topology and introduce link aggregation where necessary to improve service levels.

Internal resilience for crucial network resources

As network specialists we can assess the critical nature of network appliances/servers/resources and configure resilience that matches required service levels.

Network Topology Design/Implementation/Upgrade

Scalable network solutions that grow as your business grows

Sometimes networks can become underspecified as user load increases or additional high bandwidth services and applications are introduced. We can help to introduce strategic improvements at your core, distribution and edge to help deal with sudden growth.

We can design and implement your network from scratch

We take you through our 4 step process (requirements gathering, design, transition, managing) and provide you with a network that meets your objectives.

Network Endpoint Authentication

Automatically identify and triage network devices accordingly as they connect to your network

Authenticate devices and automatically shuttle them to relevant virtual LANs according to device identity.

Ensure that only authorised devices can connect to network

We can ensure that only authorised devices can connect and access resources using pre-defined access policies.

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We can ensure that the solution we design will be secure and optimised for its intended purpose.
(Data, VOIP, LAN, WAN, Site interconnectivity etc.)

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