IP Telephony (Secure Enterprise VOIP)

Byte Iron operates a bespoke managed IP telephony network that allows us to provision phone handsets to your premises with no further configuration required from you. All you need to have is a dedicated internet connection which we can also provide. If using you're own ISP we will do a remote assessment of the connection and if it matches our required criteria you're good to go.

Our VOIP service is scalable to multiple sites allowing you to call all your branch ofices's free of charge with charges only coming into play when you make national calls, international calls and calls to mobile phones.

We can configure the phone system requirements to meet your business requirements which offers flexibility when you need it.

We also offer bespoke encrypted video calling solutions and video phone clients that function on:

  • Smartphones*
  • Tablets*
  • Desktop
  • Supported Smart Watches*

*Please note smartphone, smart-watch and tablet based audio/video calling function best on faster 3G networks (HSPA, HSDPA) and 4G (LTE). This service requires an existing sim card and dataplan.

Our video calling solution facilitates flexible working for your employees by ensuring they can work effectively from home. Our hosted telephony platform is also scalable to your requirements and offers a substantially cheaper managed alternative to both on-premise and off-site phone systems. All billing is itemised and sent to you at the end of each calendar month.

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