Automation and Automated device deployments

Mass Device Deployment Automation

Ever needed to deploy 400 routers to customer sites? Ever needed to deploy 400 firewalls to customer sites? Ever needed to achieve that in a tight time frame? If you have you'll know that this can be a daunting task. Creating site specific configurations for each device can be challenging if automation is not involved and even then the process to actually get that config on those 400 devices...

Byte Iron have bespoke mass device deployment solutions tailor made for multi vendor devices and appliances.

Our bespoke automation solutons can:

  • Automatically generate configurations for each device using information you provide to us
  • Automate deploying configurations to multiple devices at once
  • Interact with any device via Representation State Transfer (REST) API, Generic API, SSH, and Serial console sesion. (We can also create custom solutions if appliance uses non standard APIs or protocols)
  • Automatically upgrade device firmware interactively
  • Automatically create a device inventory database that features enumerated serial numbers, device model numbers, device firmware version, SSH keys, RSA Keys, device configuration and other device specific information.

Byte Iron have specialise in a Multi Vendor approach and we can tailor our mass deployments solutions to you specific requirements. Having done this for several clients we can help with you deployment schedule and our project managers can deal with all the logistics involved for you.

Systems/Network/Secops Automation

Byte Iron specialists are skilled in engineering bespoke solutions to help ease your IT administrative burden. Skilled in various programming and scripting languages our experts can help you to achieve what we like to call "Systems Nirvana" in an otherwise tedious environment. We understand the challenges of implementing, securing, and maintaining a sprawling multi-geographic enterprise class IT estate. We can help you by poviding bespoke automation solutions tailor made for your business requirements.

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