About Our Solutions

ByteIron deploys solutions that span 6 core technology areas:


Facilitating peace of mind.


Providing effective multi-party communication.

Data Center (Cloud)

Enabling disaster recovery and hosted infrastructure.


Aligning business requirements with effective, optimised data pathways.


Ensuring your users and stakeholders devices and systems can communicate efficiently.


Designing bespoke solutions and services as required.

Solutions based on proven techonlogies

We only deliver and deploy secure, proven, scalable, reliable solutions that help your business grow as well as achieve a competitive edge.

From concept to fruition we ensure your peace of mind with regular timely status updates regarding your solution implementation schedule. We also recognise the importance in establishing relationships with project stakeholders as establishing rapport helps to ensure objectives are communicated effectively. We help our clients to evolve and grow their IT environments in a meaningful way via our unique 4 step process:

Requirements gathering

To fully understand your needs and achieve a solution that matches your objectives we meet with you and collate material from all stakeholders.


We validate your proposition and where possible demonstrate proof of concept. We also audit your environment to establish solution viability. We then design a solution that will fulfil your requirements. Our solution specification is then provided to you for authorisation and the relevant RFCs are raised.


A scope of works and implementation schedule is agreed. We then snapshot the environmental elements where possible and build the solution to specification.


We provide support for the newly implemented solution and manage the reporting aspect. We analyse the solution as per project specification to ensure objectives are being met.

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