Wireless Surveys

Wireless surveys are the most potent tool for establishing the when, where and how in a radio environment.

All flavours of the 802.11 ratified standard for wireless networks are susceptible to radio interference the results of which manifest as:

  • Poor data throughput
  • Inexplicable signal degradation and fluctuation from clients right under an Wireless Access Point
  • QoS problems in streaming media applications even though Multicast streams, DSCP markings and 802.1p markings are being honoured by network equipment

All of the above are especially critical in real time media streaming environments such as IP telephony, IP TV, and video conferencing.

Byte Iron can help with:

  • Conductiong a site survey
  • Establishing a baseline with a known correctly functioning hardware client
  • Establishing how optimally Access Points are placed
  • "Listening" for interference in the utilised radio spectrum
  • Establishing whether chosen 802.11 radio profile is best suited to the actual physical environment
  • Correctly classifying and factoring in "obstacles" in the radio landscape
  • Identifying issues caused by rogue APs in your immediate radio environment

However, even when considering all the above, problems can still persist due to client radio problems, L2/L3 network problems as well as malicious/rogue access points in the vicinity of your environment.

Our surveys are tailor made to identify, isolate and rectify these issues. Where building plans are provided we can also provide you with a "heatmap" of your environment which provides an actual visualisation of radio activity in your environment.

Each Byte Iron engineer holds a minimum of 6 years professional wireless experience as well as vendor wireless certifications from Juniper and Cisco and is able to troubleshoot and resolve wireless network problems from layer 1 to 4 of the OSI model. We are sometimes able to discern and assist resolving issues at layer 5 to 7 if we are familiar with the applications utilised.

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