Social Engineering Seminars

Data mining and advanced social engineering techniques are leading to what some in the industry call an all out assault on corporate entities via their employees. Data leakage by your employees inadvertent comments on social media can result in your business being compromised. Malicious parties can now scrape information from a wealth of social media platforms in order to correlate information required to manufacture attack vectors. Indeed there are several well known news aggregate websites that feature posts/blogs submitted by users to entice people to divulge scenario specific information regarding their employment, even going as far as espousing a false sense of anonymity via "anonymous" accounts that can easily by tied back to users via super cookies and other web client fingerprinting techniques... The internet is like a giant tape recorder and everything recorded could potentially be later used in a social engineering exploit. We have seminars specifically targeted at helping your employees make informed decisions when participating on-line. Our seminars detail the methods used by hackers to compromise personal and corporate information.

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