IT Security Monitoring and Incident Response

Do you continually monitor your network for suspicious activity?

In the event of a detected compromise, what procedures are in place to limit proliferation to other network devices?

Is your endpoint policy and firewall policy being circumvented by a client side VPN operating within your corporate network?

Are your internal clients connecting to rogue access points?

Are endpoints naturally quarantined and assessed before a connection is allowed to the corporate network?

These questions are extremely pertinent in today's highly charged IT security landscape. The results of a breach as demonstrated in the Sony, Stratfor, and Ashley Madison hacks can have literally catastrophic implications for you business and customers. We have extensive experience implementing IDS/IPS solutions and advanced malware threat solutions based on proven technologies from Cisco and Juniper.

We have 3 monitoring and response support tiers:

Monitoring and 4 Hour response

Between 0830 and 0530 GMT

Monitoring and 1hr response

Between 0830 and 0530 GMT.

24/7 Continuous Monitoring and 24/7 response GMT


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