Information Security Audit/Risk Management

If your corporate network suffered a breach and the SAN that hosts your financial data as well as commercially sensitive corporate data was compromised, how useful would that data be to a hacker? How would you detect that one of your employees is ciphering data via a corporate assigned laptop? If your currently employed IT manager defected tomorrow and your business IT infrastructure suffered a catastrophic failure the day after how exactly would you as a business owner pick up the pieces and what would the financial implications be? What policies are in place for data at rest and in transit internally and externally? These are the just some of the questions that are better addressed before an adverse event as fire-fighting an adverse scenario is not only inefficient but will likely tarnish your company name and potentially lead to financial loss. As specialists in this area we are able to not only advise on best practice, we can also recommend solutions and assist in the implementation solutions that offer a robust response to these types of issues.

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