Cyber Security Forensics

The forensic examination of any crime scene can shed light on the many not immediately apparent clues that helped to facilitate the crime. Likewise a forensic examination of a system security breach will provide significant clues as to how the breach was perpetrated. Understandably this can sometimes be very impractical in production environments however without an understanding of the exploits used to circumvent system security, the same thing could potentially happen again.

Every company security breach scenario is different and in most cases unique however the same common elements will be at play. Our method of creating a snapshot in combination with extended analysis of the environment and elements involved can help to establish and prevent future exploits.

We can help you to:

  • Establish whether the breach was facilitated or perpetrated by a member of staff
  • Establish the initial attack vector
  • Determine which system polices aided facilitation of the breach
  • Identify methods to secure the environment from further attack
  • Provide a report that can be used in legal proceedings

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