About Our Services

Byte Iron has an established portfolio of services that are designed to ensure your business objectives are met efficiently, effectively and in a timely fashion. Correctly implemented services and solutions help to instil confidence in your business ethic and the benefit will be felt by your users and crucially your customers. Our commitment to flexibility means that we can tailor our services to your exact requirements as we recognise that "one box doesn't fit all" scenarios.

Our objective is to help your business to derive a meaningful, tangible benefit from your IT cap ex..

We believe that all services and solutions deployed must be:

  • Assessed to ensure the full security implications of mis-configuration
  • Audit able with Role based access control if possible
  • Feature a monitoring strategy and correctly configured management alerts
  • Feature an security incident response strategy based on potential attack vectors
  • Robustly Secure (Especially in the current security climate)
  • Efficiently project managed from beginning to end
  • Must match client requirements and be scale-able as required
  • Must feature redundancy and be fault tolerant where necessary
  • Securely implemented with clearly defined levels of demarcation

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