About Us

Byte Iron came into being after its founder recognized the total ineptitude in the security practices of many private cloud and managed services providers after being called in many times to pick up the pieces in scenarios that even with a very basic level of planning wouldn't have resulted in the security breach. This is further compounded by the fact that many IT services companies are overselling, mis-selling and misrepresenting the enterprise IT infrastructure requirements of various customers purely in the name of financial gain and without even considering the additional attack vectors these solutions introduce if not secured correctly. The total lack of proper IT security and information governance strategy as well as proper incident monitoring and incident response procedures as a result of the sheer complacency that seems to be the norm lead us to conclude that there is an absolute need for a managed services company with a security first approach. Information risk management comes into play at all stages of the data life cycle and we believe that implementing proper procedures now helps to severely limit attack vectors in the future.

Our Staff

Byte Iron has established a ad-hoc technical alliance that benefits from IT consultants, System Architects, Project Managers, Commercial Lawyers, Information Risk Managers, Network/Systems Security Architects, and Wireless Specialists hand selected by our founder during his 18 year tenure in this industry. We believe this allows us to provide very tailored, adaptable services aligned to the business needs and interests of our clients.

We are constantly looking for IT specialists and generalists that meet our strict competency criteria. If you believe that you have what it takes please assess our careers section here.

Company Values

We believe that understanding a customers needs also means that ensuring that all IT solutions deployed must be:.

  • Assessed to ensure the full security implications of mis-configuration
  • Audit able with Role based access control if possible
  • Feature a monitoring strategy and correctly configured management alerts
  • Feature a security incident response strategy based on potential attack vectors
  • Robustly Secure (Especially in the current security climate)
  • Efficiently project managed from beginning to end
  • Must match client requirements and be scale-able as required
  • Must feature redundancy and be fault tolerant where necessary
  • Securely implemented with clearly defined levels of demarcation

Why Choose Us

As a consortium of some of the best enterprise IT security architects in the industry our broad portfolio of services and solutions covers nearly every facet of enterprise IT.

Company Stats

Adaptive and Flexible to suit your business needs.

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Bespoke Services


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Actual client feedback about our support staff.

Technical competency (100%)
Understanding of problems faced (95%)
Approachable Helpful (90%)
Professionalism (100%)

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